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Come Join Us.

On staff or independently.

Option One

Professional Membership

So much more than just renting.
Manage your practice on your phone with anytime access to the gym and treatment rooms. Colleagues and referral opportunities, client confirmation and cancellation policy emails to support you. Your schedule is entirely under your own control and you have support growing your business while clients all come to you in a prestigious, easy-to-find ground-floor facility with easy private parking and excellent visibility.

Facility, Furnishings, Supplies and Equipment 24/7
Three furnished treatment rooms and Gym floor space available for you to grow your business. 2 showers, towels and other amenities. Ground floor, awesome signage, good parking and high traffic facing Los Gatos Bl.

You have 24/7 access to the Movement Center and all amenities. Access to treatment rooms anytime by appointment. Our appointment system helps keep your clients/patients engaged and coming back, minimizes no-shows and makes it super easy to schedule, reschedule and manage your own calendar saving you time and money.

A Health and Wellness Center
"Professional Membership" is a good fit for practitioners in the health and wellness industry. Personal Trainers / a Dietitian or Nutritionist / Coach/Counsellor/Therapist (addictions/weight loss would be a good referral partner), a Chiropractor, an Acupuncturist...

Collaborate with Daring Gray's medical massage, assisted stretch, personal training and physical therapists.

You're Not Alone
As a Professional Member you're a Colleague; an entirely separate business free to exchange referrals and services with staff; to learn and grow and support each other's businesses, patients and clients.

Flexible Rent AND Overhead

(Example 1)
You're free to charge whatever rates you wish.

As an example, if you charge $125/hour, you're already at breakeven with your FIRST
client appointment each week including all your overhead - rent, furnishings, supplies and equipment, online booking and more. Unlimited additional appointments would only cost you 20% overhead for rent, utilities, wifi, music, housekeeping, supplies and equipment, booking and reminder emails, a client e-sign liability waiver, optional cancellation policy, and the ability to set-and-forget ongoing recurring appointments and manage your schedule from your phone; pair to other schedules on your google calendar if you wish

No initial outlay for equipment
No deposit
No online booking site setup
No banking fees

Charge any rate you wish
Start right away
Move out with 60-day notice
Clients travel to you,
ex: 5 clients in 5 hours

Breakeven with 4 bookings per month
income: $125/hour first 4 appointments = +$525
overhead: $400/mo + $25/hour=
Any additional appointments are 

$125/hour - $25/hour = $100
only 20% overhead.

Example 2)
Even with only 4 appointments per week, after overhead you take home

Example 3)
By the time you grow to 16 appointments each week, you'll take home
$6,480 month

This is an excellent place to start small and grow.

Call for a breakdown of fees, it's actually pretty simple.
If you'd like to run classes or workshops we have an up-to-12 (and double-wide doors for larger in/out classes) classroom available for Pilates, TRX, Barre, stability ball, stretch, yoga or group class instruction too. All basics are provided and there's room for your specialized equipment if you need more.

- MARKETING to grow your client base
- PRACTICE BUILDING includes marketing, managed subscriptions, prepaid packages, specials, your own bank account and more to launch your recurring revenue.
- EMPLOYMENT: We're hiring 1) sports/medical Massage therapist 2) Personal trainers and small class instructors 3) stretch coaches. You can rent AND be employed here.

Call for a tour of our Center and mutual interview/coffee meeting to see if we're a good fit. Apply soon, we're only bringing on 2 new Professional Members this month.
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