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Regain & maintain the strength, balance, flexibility of your younger self.

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Members Have

LOVING LIVING, a long time.

How We Make Moving Easier

So much more than a 24-hour gym in Los Gatos.

Daring Gray helps all of us conquer the cultural and personal fears and physical limitations that arise as we enter our 30's, 50's, 70's and up.


It's about courage. It's about helping us live in bodies that carry us, pain-free through the activities we enjoy throughout our lives. We'll all live LONGER... but how will we FEEL along the way?


Starting with injury treatment, pain management

Daring Gray offers one of the best massage therapists in Los Gatos with over 30 years experience working with chronic and acute injuries, improving posture, increasing flexibility.


We're bringing in a chiropractor too, to support your skeletal alignment, posture, and keep your joints moving the way they should.


Move toward a healthier weight

Weight loss is something most of us need help with. Our registered dietitian offers nutritional counseling, a metabolic assessment to determine Your specific dietary needs and meal planning so you can get away from "diets" that provide only short-term solutions to weight loss. We focus on balanced nutrition, and protecting you from fad diets, osteoporosis and other diet-induced challenges to your long-term health.

Regain and retain Flexibility

A Daring Gray personal trainer or massage therapist will offer assisted stretching, flexibility coaching and functional strength and balance training to help you move younger. Old injuries and compensations, inactivity and even our regular daily movement patterns will limit our flexibility over time. We really CAN turn back the clock by releasing trigger points, deep tissue massage, breaking up scar tissue, stretching and establishing muscle balance through strength training. 

Maintain a younger body for life
Our 24-7 Open gym is a great place to maintain. See personal trainers even once a month for strength and balance training, with Service Member Discounts on additional appointments.  maintenance of alignment and posture, healthy eating, healthy habits, ongoing flexibility and core strength through Private Appointments, Small Group Classes and 24/7 Open Studio.

                                                     -  Leighanna

Daring Gray Los Gatos

Opened in October 2021 with:

24/7 open studio

Personal Training

Medical Massage / Sports Massage

Nutrition / Registered Dietician

Assisted Stretch

Small, personalized classes

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Stay Younger With

Medical massage therapy, deep tissue massage & chiropractic for pain-free range of motion prevent injuries, sports massage to support your training program,

Assisted Stretching to restore flexibility, range of motion, ability to enjoy activities and reduce pain.

Nutritional Consulting and meal plans for weight loss and healthy living, to combat bone loss, and improve overall health,

Personal Training to functional strength, increase flexibility, maintain muscle and bone, lose weight and improve balance.

Los Gatos also has an Open Gym / Studio with several levels of memberships saving you a bunch on Classes and Wellness Services. 

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Or Call (408)358-4915

Daring Gray Membership Rates

Daring Gray Los Gatos began as Fitness Clinic of Los Gatos in 1994. Lisa Richardson and Karl Malmsheimer sold to Leighanna Murphy in October 2021. Leighanna is keeping the character of the small gym while expanding to offer medical and non-medical services and small, personalized classes all organized around the theme of keeping people younger, longer.
"Moving Young, Aging Well."

You'll find knowledgeable and responsive staff to provide you with sports massage, personal training and assisted stretch, as well as our classes including TRX, Pilates / Barre, Stability Ball and Circuit Training.

We also have licensed medical providers including a Chiropractor and a Dietitian here to help you.

Our goal is to provide you the most comprehensive blend of services to support your healthy lifestyle and keep you moving, pain-free, with as much range of motion as possible for as long as possible. 

Daring Gray is on Los Gatos Boulevard, between Lark and Blossom Hill, across from Trader Joes, next to Silicon Valley MRI and CT Center. 

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