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Daring Gray is

having the strength, balance and flexibility to live our lives without fear.  


Programs to help you feel courageous, adventurous, capable,
at any age, 39 to 99 or so.

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Aging Well.
So many of us fib about our age, buy makeup, clothing, hair color, anti-aging cosmetics and procedures designed to make us look younger or promised to keep us looking young and vibrant.

Nothing says youth like the way you move. 

Our weight, flexibility, ease of movement, all the things others see in microseconds from far away, tell them our relative age. Don't believe me? Here's an exercise: Try walking like an "old person" for a couple of seconds, and them like a young one. My guess is you stooped, shuffled, shortened the swing of your legs, and increased the curve of your spine.

We can reverse much of this aging.

For example, people in their 30's, 40's, 50's, even 80's can regain over 30% of their flexible, pain-free range of motion in our 3-week "Move Taller" program.


Daring Gray Programs

Move Lighter 

Move Taller 

Move Happier 

Move Younger.
At any age.

24-hour Gym
Daring Gray is located inside
"My 24 Hour Gym"

where we can use all the mats and balls and TRX and stretch tables to augment your programs.

Daring Gray
Moving Young, Aging Well.

We employ mature, experienced, knowledgeable and responsive staff to provide you with physical therapy, sports massage, personal training, medical massage and assisted stretching.

We also invite licensed medical providers including Chiropractors and Dietitians to see patients in our studios and can schedule you through our site.

Our goal is to provide you the most comprehensive blend of services to support your healthy lifestyle goals.


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