Regain & maintain the strength, balance, flexibility of your younger self.


Moving Young, Aging Well,
LOVING LIVING, a long time.


Reduce Pain
Lose Extra Weight
Resume Activity
Regain Ability


Gain Flexibility
Balance and Endurance


Your Younger
Body and
Healthier Life


SURROUNDED by Support,
stay younger, longer.

Daring Gray Studio bought Fitness Clinic, a 24-hour gym in Los Gatos in 2021. We are so much more than a gym now. A health and fitness studio with classes and services all designed to surround you with the support you need for pain relief, weight loss, coaching and motivation, assisted stretching or just self-serve fitness classes and key-card access to the Studio whenever you want.

Our Mission is to help you stay younger, longer. 

$50 Off Each First:
Personal Training
or Stretch Services

Daring Gray
Moving Young, Aging Well.

We employ knowledgeable and responsive staff to provide you with sports massage, personal training and assisted stretch, as well as our classes including TRX, Pilates / Barre, Stability Ball and Circuit Training.

We also invite licensed medical providers including Chiropractors and Dietitians to see patients in our studios.

Our goal is to provide you the most comprehensive blend of services to support your healthy lifestyle goals.

Daring Gray bought Fitness Clinic, a 24-hour gym in Los Gatos and converted it to the fitness studio it is now with exercise classes and wellness services designed around the mission to help people move younger and live healthier, longer.